Courts Will be Able to Terminate and Modify Contracts Retroactively

31 August 2022

The Government of the Russian Federation has submitted to the Parliament bill providing for amendments to paragraph 3 of Article 453 of the Civil Code. According to the current wording, in the case of a change or termination of the contract by court, the obligations are considered changed or terminated from the moment the court decision on the change or termination of the contract enters into force.

Russian Shopping Centers Will Be Able to Terminate Lease Agreements With Tenants From Unfriendly Countries Until the End of 2022

27 July 2022

On July 14, 2022, the Federal Law No. 323-FZ "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" came into effect. The Law, among other things, amends the Federal Law No. 46-FZ of March 8, 2022 and provides for the specifics of regulating relations with tenants in the field of trade and (or) catering from unfriendly countries until the end of 2022.