Patent Extensions May Now Be Challenged Under Administrative Procedure

12 October 2022

The new Federal law will enter into force on 18 October 2022. The amendments provide for the possibility to challenge extension of a patent related to a medicine, pesticide, or agrochemical (granting SPCs) by filing an opposition with Rospatent according to procedure set out in Article 1398 (2) of the Russian Civil Code if conditions for such patent extension, stipulated in Article 1363 (2) of the Russian Civil Code, have been violated.

Eurasian Patent Court May be Established Soon

07 October 2022

Despite the fact that it is possible to obtain a single Eurasian patent by filing an application with the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO), the challenge of such patent is proceed separately in each country party of the Eurasian Patent Convention (excluded an administrative annulment of a patent under art. 19(xiii) of the Eurasian Patent Convention and Rule 53 of the Regulations to the Eurasian Patent Convention).