Trademark Registration is Now Available for Individuals

On 29 June 2023, Federal law of 28 June 2022 No. 193-FZ came into force, amending Part 4 of the Russian Civil Code, including the subjects that can be trademark holders.

The new version of Article 1477 of the Russian Civil Code defines a trademark as a designation serving to individualize goods (without reference to the individualization of goods by legal entities or entrepreneurs) and Article 1478 became invalid.

The termination of entrepreneur status is no longer a ground for terminating the legal protection of a trademark, and for the purposes of inheritance such a status is no longer necessary.

The amendments are aimed at extending options for individuals to carry out activities under their own designation (e.g., being self-employed). Moreover, the amendments will ensure equality of legal status between Russian and foreign persons since legislation of some foreign states allows trademarks to be registered for individuals.