Labor Inspections From November 19 Will Carry Out Unscheduled Audits of Cases of Large-Scale Non-Payment of Salaries

18 November 2022
Polina Vodogreeva

Starting from November 19, 2022, the list of exceptional grounds for conducting an unscheduled audit of the company in 20221 will be expanded. It will also include cases of large-scale non-payment of salaries to employees for more than one month.

The audit will be carried out by representatives of the labor inspection when receiving appeals (information) from employees about large-scale violations of their rights by the employer. A large-scale violation takes place when salaries are not fully or partially paid in respect of more than 10% of the average number of employees or more than 10 people.

The decision to conduct an audit under the specified ground is made by the head (deputy head) of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment or its territorial bodies, subject to coordination with prosecution authorities.

Government Decree No. 336 dd March 10, 2022 introduced restrictions to conduct unscheduled audits of companies in 2022 – as a general rule, unscheduled audits in 2022 are prohibited, exceptional grounds and conditions for their conduct are established by the Decree.

1 Section 3 of the Government Decree No. 336 of 10.03.2022