and Investigations

Our advocates protect the clients’ interests in economic, financial and corruption cases, as well in bankruptcy, environmental and cybersecurity crimes, and also effectively conduct internal investigations

What we do

Representing and defending our clients in a wide range of international criminal cases, including extradition procedures
Representing creditors' interests during investigations of the debtor’s voluntary or fraudulent bankruptcy cases, as well as protecting the debtor’s management and owners during trial
Conducting legal investigations to protect the interests of the accused and victims in criminal cases, including complex international cases
Identifying and minimizing criminal law risks during entrepreneurial activity (developing internal policies, organizing and conducting internal investigations, organizing training courses, etc.)
Representing, defending, and advising during police investigations
Providing client support during pre-investigation inspections and at the preliminary investigation stage
Defending clients during criminal court proceedings
Advising on UK and US anti-corruption legislation
Representing clients during environmental inspections and conducting further reviews of enforcement agency files
Conducting expert criminal law evaluations of business projects
Representing witnesses and victims in criminal proceedings
Protecting our clients during law enforcement inspections; preventing unlawful business interference


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