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What we do

Representation of bankruptcy creditors, current creditors, secured creditors, as well as representatives of the Assembly and Committee of creditors, the arbitration manager, representatives of the debtor company founders
Advising both the creditor and the debtor and participation in bankruptcy proceedings at any stages of bankruptcy
Proof of debt to the maximum extent, contesting claims of hostile creditors (including those confirmed by judicial decisions)
Drafting and filing the petition in bankruptcy, statements on interim measures (injunctions), the application of the simplified procedure
Participation in creditors’ and creditor committees meetings, arranging the meetings, compulsion to conduct the meetings
Bankruptcy under special rules for: non-profit, credit institutions, developers, strategic enterprises, individuals
Tracing the debtor’s property and reclaiming it from illegal possession of the third parties
Transparency and control over arbitration managers’ performance, challenging actions/omissions of arbitration managers, contesting the remuneration and fees for outsourced personnel, coercing the arbitration manager to challenge transaction
Prosecution/protection of the debtor’s controlling persons and beneficiaries and imposition of liability on them for the debtor’s debts and losses
Challenging/protecting the debtor’s transactions with assets, including those under foreign law
Support for transactions involving the purchase of assets in bankruptcy or deals with companies that meet bankruptcy criteria and conducting rehabilitation procedures for debtor companies
Asset tracing and recovery


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