14 September 2020

The guide provides an overview of the legal aspects of buying and selling real estate in Russia, including those issues of most direct relevance to international investors—legal liability, documentation, and due diligence. It is designed to serve as a quick and practical reference for those buying or selling real estate in the country. 

The publication was prepared by Lidings team as part of a joint project initiated by the International Lawyers Network.

02 September 2020

The work discusses key legal aspects of establishing business presence in Russia, providing an overview of existing forms of doing business, as well as specific recommendations on choosing of optimal form of entity, issues of corporate governance and ongoing management, foreign investment, thin capitalization, migration issues of employing expatriates and currency control regulation issues. Authors of the guide emphasize the latest amendments of the Civil legislation of the Russian Federation, particularly regulations on legal entities. This material may be of practical interest for businessmen of all levels, planning to enter the Russian market, as it contains answers on key questions the potential investors may have in the course of choosing a legal form for doing business in Russia.

The publication was prepared by members of Lidings’ corporate and M&A team as part of a joint project initiated by the International Lawyers Network.