Multiagency Commission Has Listed Medicines of Shortage

Based on the Government Decree No. 593 of 5 April 2022 Multiagency Commission on the detection of medicines shortage or a risk of shortage included 88 INN in different forms and dosages (97 names in total) in the relevant list.

The list is posted in the State Register of Medicines in the Journal section for authorized users. Pharmvestnik published the list of medicines of shortage on the website.

Those medicines are included in the list of shortage to ensure their presence on the Russian market.

The Multiagency Commission allowed accelerated registration for 44 medicines as well as accelerated registration of amendments to registration dossier for 80 medicines. 11 foreign medicines and 7 unregistered medicines may circulate on the Russian market.  

It should be mentioned that any party may apply for inclusion of a medicine on the list of shortage in case of a risk of lack or lack of medicines. The Commission decides on medicines shortage or risk of shortage if a medicine is insufficient or not in circulation (Order of the Russian Ministry of Health No. 339n of 19 May 2022).