COVID-19: Legal Watch

25 July 2020
The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) served as a trigger for a targeted effort to assess and manage the possible effects of it. The Russian Government continues to update the measures taken or introduce new ones, trying to act ahead of the possible adverse consequences. Our lawyers are closely monitoring the situation, watching out for the new measures introduced in relation to the coronavirus.

We offer overview of key legislative changes and recommendations for business in the current pandemic

June 25, 2020
First introduction of cramdown in Russian Bankruptcy

June 11, 2020
Moscow city Duma proposed to legalise remote work in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation

May 29, 2020
Support measures for real estate tenants have been expanded

May 29, 2020
What is the meaning of special conditions for registration of medical drugs for the treatment and prevention of diseases that pose a danger or in emergency situation?

May 08, 2020
Russia’s Supreme Court provides second set of recommendations on case handling in the light of COVID-19

May 06, 2020
The Supreme Court encourages courts to follow his example and hold trials online

April 30, 2020
Russia’s Supreme Court provides recommendations on case handling in the light of COVID-19

April 27, 2020
Temporary measures in the area of migration due to the spread of coronavirus infection

April 24, 2020
Corrections to the moratorium

April 15, 2020
The Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation made an explanation for remote work on the period since March 30th till April 30th

April 09, 2020
As a follow-up to the "rent free period" issue, the Government of the Russian Federation has developed requirements for terms and conditions of deferred payment rent

April 07, 2020
The list of organizations, which are allowed to continue working, is amended

April 06, 2020
Moratorium on initiating bankruptcy proceedings

April 03, 2020
State Duma adopted amendments aimed at implementing the President’s and Government initiatives

April 02, 2020
Does the current corona crisis constitute a (global) force majeure - act of god situation from a legal point of view?

March 26, 2020
Under the conditions of coronavirus spread, the week from March 30 in Russia is declared as a non-working one with the preservation of salaries

March 24, 2020
Overview of changes in the international coronavirus pandemic. Сontinued

March 20, 2020
Overview of changes caused by international coronavirus pandemic