New List of Goods for Parallel Import Comes into Force

On 4 November 2023 the decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 2701 dated 21 July 2023, which approved a new list of goods for parallel import and recognized the decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 1532 dated 19 April 2022 and all the amending decrees as null and void, comes into force.

The list is still organized by commodity category, however now it includes not only trademarks, but also other intellectual property (e.g., comics and other products of Marvel, Disney Pixar, DC Comics).

New brands have been added to the product list:

  • sunglasses: Adidas, Alexander McQueen, Armani Exchange, etc.
  • batteries and accumulators: Duracell, Maxell, Pleomax, Varta
  • alcoholic products: Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam, Macallan, Jägermeister, etc.
  • furniture: Ikea

Some brands (e.g., Vestas, HETRONIC, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony) were additionally included in other commodity groups. Some brands were excluded from the list (e.g., BONDERITE, Schneider Electric, U.S. Polo Assn).

Amendments to the list are made depending on whether manufacturers continue (resume) the supply of such goods.

At the same time, this decree does not clarify whether it is possible to import goods which use the brand indicated in the list, but under a different commodity item. Moreover, the decree does not specify whether the import of goods with a deleted trademark is admissible.

Furthermore, it is not clear under the decree whether import is allowed if goods use not only trademarks but also other intellectual property that are not included in the list.