From 1 September 2023, Cargo Vehicles Will Be Able to Cross the Border of the Russian Federation Only After Preliminary Reservation

27 February 2023

On 17 February 2023, Federal Law No. 24-FZ of 17.02.2023 “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” was published, amending the regulation of the movement of freight transport across the Russian border (the “Law”).

According to the new rules, starting from 1 September 2023, the crossing of the state border by cargo vehicles will be carried out through special crossing points after reserving the date and time.

Please note that the provisions of the Law apply only to international cargo transport owned by both Russian and foreign carriers. It will be necessary to reserve the date and time of crossing the border on a special state portal - the State Information System of Electronic Transportation Documents (GIS EPD)1.

The procedure for crossing the border, including cases of crossing the border without reservation, is to be developed by the Government of the Russian Federation2. This procedure will provide a list of necessary documents for reservation, as well as requirements for the arrangement of road sections at border checkpoints.

The Law is aimed at reducing the load on the border crossing points of the Russian Federation, which will avoid traffic queues – follows from the explanatory note to the Law.

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