Winding-up a Company in Russia During Sanctions. Summary Guide

15 March 2022

Currently, a great number of western companies declare the winding-up or suspension of their business activity in Russia. For many counterparties, which render services, perform works, or supply materials and goods to these companies (clients or a buyers), their winding-up inevitably leads to permanent or temporary ceasing of operations in the territory of the Russian Federation and, as a consequence, minimizing the associated costs of the Russian legal entity – at least for the next several months.

Sanctions Watch in Russia: Advising Business

06 March 2022
A combination of extensive and complex trade sanctions and export controls against Russia imposed by EU, US and UK starting February 24th 2022 inevitably affected local and multinational companies in Russia. In response the Russian government imposed its own retaliatory measures affecting the business in the country.

Lidings closely monitors the developments of the current situation and offers complex assistance on various issues related to sanctions, helping our clients to maintain operations under the conditions of turbulence and elevated risks.

New Legal Requirements: Government Amendments

05 March 2022

On March 04, 2022, the Council of Federation has approved and sent to the President the Federal Law “On Amending Certain Legislative Regulations of the Russian Federation” (the “Law”). This Law provides for a number of changes in the regulation of procurement and circulation of medical products (“MP”) and medical devices (“MD”), corporate and financial relations, and even social matters.