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Choosing Your Law Firm in Russia: What Chinese Investors Are Looking For?

As the world is observing the fruitful development of Sino-Russian trade and economic relations, more and more Chinese investors turn to search for legal representation in Russia. New trend brings forward the question: what are the Chinese investors looking for in their advisor of choice?

“Chinese businesses are looking for expertly skilled, reliable legal counsel to support their commercial endeavors across various Russian regions”, comments Sergey Aksenov, Managing Partner at Lidings, a leading independent national law firm headquartered in Moscow. With a broad base of clientele from the Asia-Pacific region, the firm has truly become advisor of choice for large Chinese businesses entering the Russian market and actively developing their presence in the country.

Other top client priorities include expertise in specific industrial sectors and strong ties to key domestic law firms. According to Aksenov, effective collaboration with leading Chinese law firms was the essential factor enabling Lidings to enter into extremely ambitious projects such as construction of large manufacturing plants for production of vehicles and automotive components in Russia. “Lidings has extensive experience in advising leading Chinese companies. Our Asia-Pacific practice has developed greatly over the course of the last eight years. Emphasizing automotive industry as one of the firm’s flagship areas of expertise was also among the main contributing factors”, Sergey Aksenov comments. “At the same time we are told that there is a lack of information about the Russian investment climate and our legislation in China. In partnership with the Chinese bar associations we are exploring every opportunity to promote and explain the best practice of doing business in the Russian Federation to the local legal community”.

Russia’s trade turnover with China is $88.8 billion per year and it is expected to be boosted to $100 billion by 2015. China plans to invest about $20 billion into domestic projects in Russia in the upcoming years. Russia, in turn, will export more than 700 million tons of oil to China as part of the $270 billion deal between Rosneft and CNPC. According to the recently signed gas deal Gazprom will be supplying China with up to 38 billion cubic meters of gas per year by 2018, around a quarter of Russia's exports to Europe. As president Vladimir Putin recently indicated during his trip to Beijing, ties between Russia and China have never been stronger, and they are set to grow warmer still.

Detailed information on Lidings’ expertise in advising companies from the Asia-Pacific Region can be found in the firm’s presentation.

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