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Lidings has an extensive experience in providing legal support to pharmaceutical companies represented in Russia. In addition to the standard range of services we offer to support foreign business in the Russian market we focus on the following legal aspects essential to our clients from the pharmaceutical industry.

We advise leading pharmaceutical sector companies on the following legal and regulatory matters:

-Advising on corporate mergers and acquisitions
-Legal support of projects implemented by foreign companies entering the Russian market including establishment of subsidiaries or joint ventures
-Legal support of investment projects, including the ones applying special preferential regimes
-Advising on transactions aimed at manufacturing localization in Russia
-Advising on transactions aimed at the establishment or acquisition of fixed assets (real property, intellectual property)

-Procurement procedures for state and municipal needs
-Legal aspects of advertising, as well as the implementation of marketing activities
-Application of the Competition law provisions
-Interaction with the competent public authorities in frame of consumer properties audits for medicines/medical products, reaction to consumer complaints
-Advising in respect to administrative investigations and claims raised during control and supervision procedures

Customized and template agreements regulating broad variety of aspects of pharmaceutical companies’ operations in Russia, including: distribution, advertising, marketing activities, clinical researches, authorship agreement (“work made for hire” or similar), transfer of exclusive rights and know-how, charitable activities, sponsorship

-General compliance audit of the client’s activity as well as the audit of separate operating procedures Development and adaptation of internal policies (Standard Operating Procedures)
-Development of recommendations regarding implementation of regulatory requirements to appropriate practices, industrial codes of ethics, regulatory authorities recommendations

-Advising on appropriate legal registration of the client’s IP assets and management
-Patent protection of inventions, protection of trade names
-Application of the Customs Register of the IP Objects
-Issues of licensing and shared use of IP assets

-Dealing with distribution chain participants’, consumers and regulatory authorities’ claims
-Representing clients in administrative proceedings
-Protecting client’s interests in Russian state courts, international arbitration courts as well as in mediation procedures


  • Advising major international pharmaceuticals company Glenmark on several compliance issues, advertising law and activities aimed at promoting medical products on the Internet
  • Representing Japanese pharmaceutical company Santen in a dispute on debt recovery with a Russian distributor of medicines
  • Representing Abbott Laboratories in a dispute with pharmaceutical products distributors in Georgia
  • Advising Japanese pharmaceutical company Santen on day-to-day corporate matters in Russia
  • Advising Indian pharmaceutical company Ishvan Pharmaceuticals in the process of establishing a joint venture in Russia together with the National Immunobiological Company in order to set up full cycle manufacturing of medical products, as well as advising on the issues related to state procurement and obtaining single-supplier status
  • Providing legal support to the leading Russian manufacturer Biotiki of original metabolic drugs in connection with obtaining the extended manufacturing license (with inclusion of the new manufacturing site)
  • Advising PharmaKos, a company counseling pharmaceutical businesses around the world, on the issues regarding obtaining license for an American company purchasing crude drugs and starting materials in Russia and furnishing them to a Belorussian plant for further production of medicine, its bottling and packaging
  • Representing a major Irish pharmaceuticals company Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals in conducting a trademark transfer and protecting its rights in various Russian regions against numerous grey importers and online stores
  • Representing global pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp in a patent infringement dispute in Belarus against a generic company winning a major public tender
  • Advising an Indian pharmaceutical company Lupin, ranking among the top five pharmaceutical companies in the country and the top ten generics’ manufacturers in the world, on corporate restructuring and organization of operational activity in Russia
  • Representing Swedish pharmaceutical holding Meda Pharmaceuticals in a debt collection dispute with a major national distributor
  • Representing national distributor of Invar’s innovative pharmaceutical products in a dispute on illegal use of the company’s trademark
  • Advising the leading Baltic States pharmaceutical company Grindex on the issues of elaborating typical marketing agreement with the pharmacies and agreement for distribution of an original prescription drug with a narrow therapeutic index
  • Advising famous Chinese manufacturer of the dietary supplements Bing Han in the process of creating a legal framework necessary for the suchlike MLM company to function in Russia
  • Patent protection of the new pharmaceutical product of Swiss pharmaceutical company Actelion Pharmaceuticals in Russia
  • Advising large medical equipment manufacturer Coloplast during staff reduction process and conflict with a high-ranking manager
  • Advising US pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp on registration of medical products and market entry issues
  • Advising US company Lonza Rus on the issues related to establishing a joint subsidiary with a large Russian company
  • Advising internationally established pharmaceutical company EVER Neuro Pharma on the issues of state procurement of drugs that have not been issued International Nonproprietary Name (INN) and providing thorough analysis of applicable Russian legislation
  • Advising on the acquisition of Baxter's business by Nikkiso
  • Advising Meda Pharmaceuticals on protection of its IP assets in Russia, legal defense with respect to trademark infringement in the Internet, negotiations with offenders, filing applications with the court and antitrust authorities
  • Advising Swedish holding Meda Pharmaceuticals on review and analysis of marketing agreements for the promotion of products including compliance check; advising on application of antitrust and advertising legislation during an advertising campaign and placement of commercial ads with a number of media sources
  • Advising French pharmaceutical company on drug promotion, as well as regulation and risks associated with licensing of pharmaceutical activities and potential violations of antitrust laws
  • Advising Boehringer Ingelheim on review and adjustment of internal anti-corruption and antitrust policies to bring them into compliance with the applicable Russian legislation
  • Representing Swedish pharmaceutical holding Meda Pharmaceuticals in a dispute regarding a breach of antitrust legislation by local pharmaceutical company
  • Representing Swedish pharmaceutical holding Meda Pharmaceuticals in a dispute with FTS Russia
  • Legal analysis for the Swiss pharmaceutical company Ferring Pharmaceuticals of its internal policies on interaction with medical personnel
  • Representing Swedish pharmaceutical holding Meda Pharmaceuticals in a labour dispute
  • Advising internationally established pharmaceutical company EVER Neuro Pharma in relation to new legislative initiatives regulating activities of medical organizations in Russia
  • Advising Swedish pharmaceutical holding Meda Pharmaceuticals on the issues related to bringing the new product to the Russian market
  • Legal support of an international pharmaceutical holding MB Quest in the process of establishing a Russian subsidiary for the purpose of conducting clinical trials
  • Advising Swedish pharmaceutical holding Meda Pharmaceuticals on the warehouse lease agreements
  • Advising Korean company Nuga Medical on the issues of registering intellectual property rights
  • Advising French pharmaceutical company Ipsen Pharma in the project connected with the capital increase
  • Advising Swedish pharmaceutical holding Meda Pharmaceuticals on the issues regarding unfair competition and advertising
  • Advising French pharmaceutical company in drafting and negotiating contracts in relation to the client’s daily business activities
  • Review and adjustment of a major international pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim's internal anti-corruption and anti-trust policies to bring them into compliance with the Russian legislation
  • Advising US company Lonza Rus on regulations applicable to importing toxic and alcohol-containing products into Russia
  • Advising American group of companies Pharm-Olam International in regards to the operations of its Russian subsidiary which was established to conduct clinical research

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